Does Size Matter?

Linda ParkerWorking for a large organisation is widely perceived as a vehicle for providing you with career progression as well as learning and development opportunities that smaller companies simply could not provide.

That is not always the case.

Sure, a large corporation will have a different hierarchy and structure to the team that could allow for future opportunities. On the flip side, it can also depend on whether the workforce plan and strategy of the organisation is to promote from within or whether they continually recruit from outside i.e. their competitors. Consider this… how long would it take you to actually get that promotion?!

Working for a recognised brand certainly has it’s benefits, your family friends and former colleagues will be impressed, and you may get opportunities for travel, which is all very exciting in the beginning.

In a smaller company you are not just a number, as can be the case for many large corporates.

In a smaller organisation the work you do is valued, and your achievements are very visible to management and the rest of the team and your hard work is appreciated. This can be both a positive and negative, as you can quickly become relied upon to do more work than others! The rewards can be more forthcoming in a smaller company, where there is less red tape to push through in order to show appreciation to staff for their hard work. On the negative side, there may not be the opportunities for travel or other benefits that a larger company can offer.

At the end of the day, whether you work in a large corporate or for a small business, you still have a job to do, and you may still have to work within a team, and report to a superior. The figures may be significantly different if you are an accountant managing the balance sheet, but the principles are the same.

You have to decide whether you are the sort of person that enjoys the prestige of working for a well known corporation with national or global operations, but where you may be considered a small fish in a big pond… or whether you prefer working in a smaller environment where you create a family like atmosphere and where there is less hierarchy and red tape, and you can be truly valued.