The Election Aftermath!

Jamie Harding

So, after months of discussion, debate, confusion and uncertainty, the election has been and gone!! After months of talking about it, the “Bright New Future” we were all promised is apparently here and we are told “Australia is open for business”…..or is it?!?

Election night provided high drama and long speeches, and as a Pom experiencing my first Aussie election, I was fascinated to hear that people held Election night parties, cancelling their usual Saturday night escapades in favour of a night in front of the TV.  And so, out of sheer curiosity, I too also tuned in to watch what all the fuss was about!!

Whether or not you tuned in to Channel 9’s coverage, with an ever grinning Karl and Lisa and a huge panel complete with a lady with a bright fish patterned blouse and numerous graphics of defeated (Labour) candidates being dropped into a shark tank and eaten, or you watched the more sedate and informative ABC coverage- what unfolded was exciting and dramatic and I must admit kept me glued to the TV!

So, now the dust has settled, what does the result mean for Australia and especially families and business’ in Queensland.  The good old Sunshine State seems to have dealt its current state representatives a wake up call by bucking the national trend and supporting (predominantly) Labor.  Has the result provided clarity, green shoots of economic recovery or will it mean more money in the pocket of Australians and Queenslanders?  Only time will tell…….

Even before the new government has been sworn in, this week has seen more positive news within the mining sector, the dollar up, markets trading higher and, according to the Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment released on Wednesday, consumer confidence is at its highest since 2010.  So far, so good!!!

It is early days but what is certain is that the new administration has a big job on its hands and with Australians, and business’ watching, it will need to act quickly to show that Australia really is open for business.

Change brings the certainty of more change.

Linda ParkerSo we have a new Government, no surprises there, although the landslide victory was probably even more ‘shocking’ than many predicted.

But how does this effect where the employment market is heading in the short term?  We know that there is going to be a change of power at the senior levels. We have already seen a new Director-General appointed for Department of Premier and Cabinet, and the word on the street is that a new Under Treasurer will soon be named, but what does it mean for the thousands of public servants across Queensland, who are simply focused on delivering outcomes for the State, whether it be related to health services, education or roads.

One guarantee these changes will bring is with it even more change.

Changes to department names, changes to reporting structures, and changes to policies, to name but a few.  It will be a matter of time before Machinery of Government changes are announced and the flow on effect begins.

For those of us providing recruitment services to Government, our job will be to very quickly gain an understanding of what the mandate will be for each new Department, who is in charge, and what the strategic vision so we can identify what skills are going to be in demand and work proactively to meet that challenge. Yet another flow on effect from change at the top!

Change has many meanings, some may say “it’s a cause to be different, a transformation, others may say it’s seasonal, to move from one phase to another (Anna Bligh herself referred to the cycle of politics and the momentum for change in her concession speech).

Whatever spin you want to put on it, change is inevitable and shouldn’t be feared.  Change brings opportunity, the chance of doing things better, or smarter. After all, we call ourselves the Smart State don’t we? Or perhaps the new Premier will change that strategy too.