Health Industry Experts Discuss Outsourcing & Contestibility

By Justine Eden Director, Eden Ritchie Recruitment

On Tuesday night over 60 Health Executives gathered at an photoevent co hosted by Eden Ritchie Recruitment and Minter Ellison to discuss the outsourcing journey, “the good, the bad, the ugly”.

Centered on the Queensland Governments “Blue Print for Better Health Care”, released in February 2013, the 90 minute IMG_1024discussion explored opportunities to improve efficiency and improve front line service delivery and access to health services for the broader community.

In a “Q&A” styled format, the high profile panel was moderated by Glenn Poole Qld’s Auditor General 2004-2011, with panel members including Dr John O’Donnell, CEO Mater IMG_1042Health Services, Lesley Dwyer, CEO West Moreton HHS, Simon James, CEO Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local, Hugh Marshall, Business Development Director, Asia Pacific, Serco and Brett Frampton, FM Project Manager Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Spotless Group.

The audience had the opportunity to explore a raft of issues IMG_1040relating to the hot topic of outsourcing and contestability – where the various options of service provision, partnering arrangements and the broader imperatives of health service delivery and quality were discussed.

With audience members from the aged care, public and private health, mental health sectors, the discussion ranged across partnering models, ensuring accountability, whether to IMG_1022outsource partial or entire services as well as IR related impacts.

Photos from the night accompany this article, and a video of the presentation will be available shortly.  Should you be interested in this or attending future events please contact

JE and Glenn Poole  IMG_1025IMG_1027

Innovation in Healthcare

Last week our Health Recruitment team at Eden Ritchie Recruitment successfully planned and launched our first ever round table event for healthcare professionals. Held in conjunction with Medical Journal Australia (MJA) Jobs, who recently launched their new careers page, we could not be more happy with the outcomes and the environment we helped create to allow like-minded healthcare professionals share ideas and network with their peers.

Our clients and the continual range of questions and conversations we heard across all the industries we work with drove this event and led us to the theme of ‘How to deliver safe and quality healthcare in the current financial climate with a health system focus.’

There has been much media lately in regards to the commercialisation of government assets as well as the move to a national health system structure that it seemed logical to include this topic, and we thought correct with 3 of the 4 tables focusing on this broad topic.

A further challenge for the healthcare industry has and will continue to be is the issue of workforce, which includes recruitment and retention especially in remote and regional locations and in a changing workforce landscape. This became our second topic and proved to reveal some of the most interesting insights and innovations of the night (i.e. Nurse wants a farmer).

Eden Ritchie Recruitments Health division and MJA Jobs team invited over 100 people and at final count on the night we had 35 people attend. Proving that even with the challenge of national budget night we still managed to draw quite a crowd, Again this made us realize the topic and concept to connect the health industry together to bounce ideas and generate discussion in a facilitated open forum is the right direction.

We really need to thank our facilitators for their passion and commitment on the night to guide each of the groups. Firstly for working with the tables to think up creative ideas, before working them towards a unique or innovative approach to the problem of ‘commercialisation and workforce in the current financial climate with a health system focus’.

All of our clients who attended on the night have spoken fantastically about the night and are looking forward to both the follow up report that will detail the ideas and table summaries as well as our next event to build on these ideas and connections further.

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The Healthy, Happy Workplace

After coming back from a client visit to Toowoomba this week, where it is always noticeably cooler than Brisbane, it dawned on me that summer was truly over and that winter is just around the corner. Now for me, and probably most people who work in an office, this tends to mean more hours inside, less exercise and a greater consumption of the bad things that aren’t good for me! SueT

Add in the fact that we also spend most of our waking hours at work and travelling to and from work (not to mention the amount of time we spend thinking about it), our workplace health and wellbeing should be our number one concern.

For me the above is oh so true and even though I have worked in the health industry for over 10 years and ‘know better’, I have to honestly say that work/life balance has not always come first.

As I mentioned before, I am fairly sure most of us are in the same mindset. We want to be successful at work, we want to do what’s right for our team, yet what I think plagues most businesses and industries, is that the average person is stressed and doesn’t make the time to exercise or eat right. This inevitably reflects on the performance and attitudes of people at work.

When speaking with my colleagues and friends about this topic, I found that we all try different ways to keep ourselves healthy and happy in our personal lives. However when asked the additional question of “what do we do about our professional lives to keep us happy and healthy?” the point of view was very different.

I have seen many articles stating that wellbeing contributes to a healthy, happy, motivated and engaged workforce. In turn this positive wellbeing in the workplace has been shown to lower employee absence, keeps stress levels down and arguably helps to retain employees.

In the current financial climate, there are many low-cost and innovative ways to help your workforce in staying and getting healthy and happy. It could be as simple as having fresh fruit available, providing the opportunity to have an extra hour for lunch to go to the gym, contributing towards a gym membership, flexible working hours so that you can exercise in the mornings before work or leave early to exercise after work, group fitness sessions (group walks or activities) and access to information on how to keep healthy and happy.

There is literally an endless range of unique and low cost ideas you could offer your team to inspire them to being healthy and happy. So what does your organisation do, to encourage and support you in being healthy and happy at work?

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Eden Ritchie Welcomes New Members

Like Angelina Jolie, Eden Ritchie can’t seem to stop welcoming new members into the family.  We welcome to the team:

Jessica Scerri: As part of the ever-expanding IT Division, Jessica joins ERR as an IT Recruitment Consultant. Jessica’s previous position was Corporate Account Manager for a global telecommunications, responsible for the management of global and national accounts, corporate acquisition and growth.

After hours, Jess loves to cook, loves to shop, enjoys going to the beach and has a keen interest in the property market. Hailing from Adelaide’s Barossa Valley originally, Jess enjoys visiting her family there and enjoying the wine country.

Emma Durham: Emma joins ERR in the role of Client Relationship Manager. Emma wound up in IT Recruitment after a night out with friends somehow resulted in Emma getting interviewed for a job with an IT Recruiter. She left her job as a marketer for a top tier law firm and commenced her career in Recruitment. Prior to ERR, Emma was the HR, Talent & Engagement manager at a Software Development Company.

Outside the office, Emma’s life is ruled by her mini schnauzer, Zara Belle-Jolie. When Emma’s not hanging with her pooch, she’s in the gym, or out running, with the odd night out for special occasions.

Belinda Mulé: Belinda is ERR’s new Manager, Operations. Belinda’s background is in Management, in the Professional Services Industry – primarily the Accounting industry where she was 2IC for 5 years.  Belinda has experience in various industries, including Engineering, Property Development and the Construction Industry.

Away from the office, Belinda loves movies, celebrities, reality TV and everything Hollywood. She loves red wine and is trying to get back into fitness, but is having a hard time slotting it in between shopping or socializing (which is fair enough).

Tom Peard: Tom joins the IT Team as a Resourcer, coming to Eden Ritchie from a small recruitment company with a wealth of experience in IT Recruitment. Prior to recruitment, Tom had an eclectic mix of jobs including Store Coordinator for The Works Australia and working as a jackaroo in Roma.

Tom enjoys playing rugby and fishing (even if he doesn’t catch anything). He’s always good for a laugh and enjoys socialising with his friends.

Sue Torenbeek: Joins us in the role of Health Consultant, with 6 years+ in Queensland Health. In her previous role with Qld Health, Sue was a Senior Clinical Recruiter sourcing healthcare professionals from across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Prior to that, Sue worked in London, for London Deanery as a Recruitment Administrator.

Sue has a passion for travelling and has travelled extensively across Europe and Colombia, with another trip planned soon. She loves fishing and whale watching (complimented perfectly by her sea sickness) and her two dogs.

Katherine Melville: Katherine is a new addition to the IT team, joining us as an IT Resourcer. Katherine’s previous role was as a Contact Centre and Customer Service Recruitment Consultant with a global Recruitment company. Before that, Katherine spent over 5 years with an insurance company as a Commercial Insurance Specialist.

Katherine loves socialising with her friends, listening to music and has a passion for cars.

We at Eden Ritchie are extremely pleased to welcome these individuals to our team.

Eden Ritchie – Health Recruitment

Having never written a blog nor really ever read one, as I have in the past surmised that they were often written by people with too much time on their hands and over-opinionated view points. I thought a good starting point would to do some research as to what information is out there and what is then “blogged”. It would seem that there are in fact some people out there with far to much time on their hands but they have equipped themselves with a good understanding and some good insights. I hope that I can deliver something informative and provide you with some insight into how the health sector is travelling at the moment and what successes we at Eden Ritchie Recruitment have been achieving of late.

As you maybe aware the national health system is being reformed, as of the 1stof July 2012. The current system will be pulled apart and put back together to cope with the ever-changing population needs. What does this mean for Queensland’s public health system? It means 17 Local Health and Hospital Networks (LHHN) will be established, where statutory bodies will be established with governing councils to deliver and manage the healthcare in their regions. Responsible and accountable to the local community, they will provide critical public services.

The health care sector has shown a steady rate of increased advertising, with Brisbane and the surrounding areas advertising approximately 800 health care jobs for November, ranging from AIN’s to Executive Directors. While residential care facilities are a large portion of these advertisements, there is still a fair amount of senior and Executive positions listed, for both public sector and private sector. Speaking with a number of residential care facilities to find out what is keeping their staffing vacancies so high, they suggested they are requiring a lot more “skilled hands on deck”, which is understandable as there is movement towards “community care” and “Home Care”. I would envisage that this ever-growing sector will continue to have high advertising rates with a focus on the need for good clinical staff,  but they will also need to provide good solid management practice and strategic approach to support their expanding work force.

Eden Ritchie has recently successfully placed several key positions within health and continues this month to finalise several key positions. Noted as one of the “key appointments within Queensland Health this year”, we have successfully placed the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, which will be announced in the next few days. Also placing the Executive Director – Toowoomba Health Service during November, we continue to grow in the sector. While concentrating on some key appointments, there is also some continual growth in the clinical arena and senior clinical roles. While locum positions are becoming rare there is always going to be the need fill departments with good clinical staff and we still continue to source these roles with good clinical candidates.  By Jason Thomas