I just don’t get it …

By Justine Eden

Getting older is an interesting thing, it gives you perspective and context and as youJustine mature, a greater level of self-perception, so that you no longer self doubt quite as much. On the down side you are less tolerant, more cynical and openly vocal when you don’t agree with something……

So I’m putting it out there – what’s with cocktails in jam jars?! Or de-constructed food with foam and pieces of bark? The other day I saw an article about a restaurant in Melbourne that hangs pieces of dehydrated food on a mini Hills Hoist – and charge you a fortune for the experience! And what’s all this fuss about Paleo??

And while I’m on it, what with the footpaths in Brisbane?! It almost compels me to go into local politics on the platform (get it?!) of fixing the pavements for all those (like me) breaking heels and tripping over cracks and holes in the footpaths.   Seriously, the pavements in Denpasar are in better condition!

Traffic jams – why can’t we have a staggered start time for work and schools so we are not all on the roads at the same time, fighting to get somewhere – aging while we sit in the traffic scowling at the person in the car next to us trying to get into our lane. And why do they do road works and close lanes in peak hour???

Ok – I’m on a roll, airlines. Why does it have to take so long to get on and off a plane? Why is the food SO BAD? Why is it such a surprise to get a flight attendant who is happy to help you. Why do I get selected for explosives testing every time I make it through the security check? And don’t get me started on people with carry on luggage and the lack of space for your things.

Call me old fashioned, but I hate self-serve checkouts, they never work and take longer. And why can’t we have drive through petrol stations or the ability to pay at the pump?? Why is petrol so expensive? Even when the Aussie $ was high we still didn’t get reduced petrol prices.

Saying that, I’m quite prepared to pay for service, and don’t you notice great service when you get it these days?! In fact, average service has become the norm. No wonder we are all thirsting for new, better, different – and when we find it we flock to it.

It’s the small things that make the difference, a smile, a hand written card, even a thank you. Maybe I am showing my age……

Greg’s Recovery

Since the kiteboarding accident that I had Christmas Day my life has changed a lot. I broke my pelvis, my nose and had muscle damage to many parts of my body, but they were nothing compared to the brain injury that happened to me as well. The first 3 weeks I was in a medically induced coma to help me survive from my kiteboarding accident. Originally in the medical team were saying that it would take 18months to 2yrs to recover. After the first 6 weeks they transferred me from the Gold Coast Hospital to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit (BIRU) at the P.A. Hospital and I had my first great win. The medical staff said it would now take approximately 6 months for me to be out of the hospital instead of the 12 months plus which they originally estimated.

After week 11 at BIRU I had my next win when they told me it would now be 2 weeks before I was allowed to be an outpatient, a total of 13 weeks. I am now involved in the outpatient program and have a family review meeting on the 5th June.

During the discussion that I have had with my treating team they believe that I will have passed the out-patient program and will be living normally. Well, close to normal. On celebrating the passing of the patient program I will be opening a nice bottle of bubbly. Non-alcoholic, that is, as I am not allowed to drink alcohol at the moment.

I would like to thank everyone for the help and support that I have received during this period, but would like to truly thank Kim Ritchie, Justine Eden and my Family, for all the support that I have received.