Jane HarveyLINKEDIN OR NOT LINKEDIN – “Are you missing out on job opportunities?”

I think one of the most prevalent reasons why people get a LinkedIn profile is to connect with job opportunities out there.

You need to be aware that even if you have the skills and the experience perfect for a certain jobs, recruiters will not notice these if you don’t have the right LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is the tool of choice for recruiters to find candidates to fill jobs. Most recruiters now use LinkedIn to find job candidates with over 50 percent of recruiters say that they solely use LinkedIn for recruiting.

So this is why your LinkedIn profile and how it is set up is crucial to getting the opportunities that matter. So how can you make sure you have the right profile?

So here are some tips to think about:

Decide who your profile is for – Who do you want reading your information and what do you want your profile to say about you? If you’re looking for work (which most people are), then don’t just list your previous jobs, summarise the skills you used, the outcome of your efforts, and any achievements. Mentioning the types of clients you worked with is also a good idea so people can see the level and scope of your experience. LinkedIn is a free marketing tool and you’re aiming to impress so keep in mind who it actually is you’re trying to impress.

Complete ALL your profile – I see loads of profiles where the person hasn’t even bothered to fill out every section or doesn’t even have a photo. It looks dreadful and makes them appear extremely unprofessional at best. It’d actually be better for your professional reputation to delete your profile completely!

Remember people like to put a face to a person. Imagine that you were the one trying to find a person to fill a job. Would you try to connect to someone who does not have a profile picture or someone who has and has a complete LinkedIn profile?

Headline your Profile – LinkedIn is more of a professional social network. So make sure you have an exciting headline that ensures recruiter’s attention is captured. A great headline also matters because it affects how a profile shows up in searches. I can’t believe I have to say this, but please make sure there are no typographical errors! What do errors in your headline say about the kind of work you will offer an organisation if you are hired?

Make sure your profile has the right keywords – Think of this as LinkedIn search engine optimization. This ensures you will increase your chance that recruiters looking for a specific skill or experience will see you.

Connect with Recruiters – Ensure you are connected to recruiters, or in fact any one else who may influence decisions of companies on who to hire.

Finally for all of you who are not on LinkedIn yet, I know having a great profile entails a good deal of effort but it is worth it if it helps in landing you the right job.

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