Mondayitis, Really? Give me a Break I’ve Got Work to Do!

I recently read an article titled “Job Seekers: Never Do This on Mondays”.  Why, I asked myself, should job seekers not call on Monday’s to check up on job applications?  It sounds reasonable to me; I am fresh from my relaxing weekend and ready to make things happen.

As a Recruiter, I have found this to be annoyingly true.  I have on many occasions tried to contact an organisation to discuss candidates that I have submitted on a Monday and found that not everyone is as keen as me to make things happen on a Monday.

If we really think about it, when we come to work on a Monday the majority of us do suffer from what is commonly called “Mondayitis”.  It is where we are wishing that the weekend wasn’t over yet and that we had just one more day.  Seriously, wouldn’t we all like to still be surfing at one of the gorgeous Queensland beaches, or relaxing with a book? But that’s not the real world.

It seems to me that Mondayitis has become contagious and now Fridays are becoming similar to Mondays, especially Friday afternoon.  This leaves me with three working days in the week, where there is someone who wants to talk to me.  Annoying as this is, based on my experience, I recommend that if you are enquiring about a job application or even a position that has been advertised with the direct employer, wait and do this on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

So tell me, is it only me that has this issue, or are there other people out there that have had this experience?  Please tell me there are others in the working world who experience the challenges of  “Mondayitis” and “Fridayitis”.

Share your experiences and please tell me how to combat this niggling and ever growing work obstacle.

Below is an insert from the article on why they think it is so difficult to get a response on a Monday.

  1. If the hiring manager hasn’t made any progress, they won’t appreciate you reminding them.
  2. If you aren’t in the running, they won’t be thrilled about having to give you the bad news.
  3. If they are super busy and planned to address the hiring process later in the week, they won’t appreciate you trying to push them to address it sooner.

Ironically, all that can change on a Tuesday when they are organized for the week and back in the productivity zone.


I don’t know, but trust me when I say job seekers should spend Mondays researching companies and identifying who they want to network with. Save the actual calling for Tuesdays and you’ll find people will be in better moods and respond to you more positively.

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