Got to love a woman with a cause!

Having lost a great friend to suicide 12 years ago, Bronwen Edward’s cause Roses in the Ocean resonates strongly with me.

Bronwen has her own story to tell, having lost her gorgeous brother 4 years ago to suicide – and as a way of stemming the tide she has created an amazing concept.

Last year Bronwen ran an off road marathon in high altitude Peru to raise money and awareness with the aim of decreasing and preventing suicide.

I know her ankles and feet suffered badly from the rocky terrain and as a non-runner I feel humbled by her resolve.  It makes me want to do more and annoyed that I haven’t already.

So what is Roses in the Ocean all about?  It is a week long event, kicking off on the 31st of August and leading into World Suicide Prevention Day.

Bronwen’s vision is:

“For people across the planet to place ‘Roses in the Ocean’ in the week leading into World Suicide Prevention Day, and in doing so, help stem the tide of suicide through raising awareness and openly discussing the suicide crises in our communities.”

While attempting to get some momentum, Bronwen has encountered the usual road blocks and bureaucracy you often encounter – but this has not lessened her resolve.

And so the campaign has gone viral in an initial attempt to get as many people on board and involved as possible.

As many friends and family have been contacted and asked to do what they can to raise money and seek to address this often hidden issue that has such devastating impacts.

I will do what I can and promote this cause to as many people as I can.  I will be buying and sending roses through the Roses in the Ocean website to my work colleagues ( and family.  And on Friday the 31st of August – I will go to the beach and throw a rose into the ocean and think of my gorgeous friend Dirk, who I miss more than anything.

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