Company Culture and The Recruitment Process

What you experience as a applicant during a recruitment process is generally reflective of that organisations culture…

True or false?

It is a fact that many applicants still have a less than favourable experience when they apply for a new job, be it a direct application to an employer or through a recruiter…

In this employment market where skill shortages do exist in particular areas, many employers are still acting to their detriment in the way they treat potential employees.

The “sins” are many – with the most common including:

  • Not acknowledging applications received
  • Taking months to fill a vacancy
  • Not providing a contact person and phone number on a job advertisement
  • Outdated and irrelevant position descriptions (sometimes none at all)
  • Advertising a role when you already have someone earmarked to appoint
  • Interviewing and never providing feedback

If an applicant does get to sit across the interview table, often the way an interview is conducted is enough to drive the conclusion home that this organisation, isn’t culturally a good fit.

An interview needs to be a two-way dialogue, where the applicant demonstrates the expertise they bring and how the organisation will benefit from their appointment.

The organisation in turn has to demonstrate what benefits the applicant will get from joining them over a competitor – whether it is training, challenge, growth or development…

I believe that a recruitment process where the opportunity is not provided to talk to someone about the role from the outset is a flawed one.  I believe that any employer not prepared to interview within 4 weeks of advertising is crazy.  I also believe that not acknowledging an application or providing feedback post interview is rude.

I also believe that if you are a serious job seeker – thinking that you can just hit the apply button and stand out in the crowd is laughable…

I’d be interested to hear your experiences… Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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