Starting a new job

Starting a new job?!
What’s your plan of attack?

One day while casually trawling through job ads your spot your dream job… So you write a great application, get an interview; impress them enough in an hour to hire you and your referees stack up.

But that’s not the end of the process…..  Although for many it is.

No!  It’s only part way through the process.

Think about the last time you started a new job, how did you approach it? How did you plan, research? How clear were you on what you wanted to achieve in your first day?  First week?  First month?

Or did you just sit back and let on boarding take its course?  Ease through the first week and amble through your first month, hoping your team would like you and your boss would be impressed?

You only get a short time to make a strong first impression.  Coming new into a role and a new organization you have a unique opportunity to see things in perspective, you have an open mind and a higher level of energy and engagement.

This is not to say that you need to come into this with a level of aggression that will intimidate and aggravate your new work colleagues either.  There has to be a fine balance between energy, drive and questioning the status quo.

Do you consider the “unwritten ground rules” of this new team and organization?  Often these rules are subtle but the easiest damaged when you are new…

Often its not always what you do – its how you do it.  Actions speak louder than words and once you have built a perception of a person – it seldom changes.

How will you gain the respect of your team?  How do you ensure that you have the skills and capabilities on board to support you?

And how do you navigate through a new organization to determine who the key players are that you need to align your self with?

It’s a 2 way street both for the employer and the new employee.  On boarding is often an overlooked process by many employers, leading to lower performance and potentially disengagement of new recruits.

I’d be keen to hear your experiences – leave a comment in the box below telling us your story.

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