A Message from Eden Ritchie…

This Christmas brought “mixed blessings” for the Eden Ritchie Recruitment Team, for most of us it was a day of eating and drinking too much.

But, unfortunately our beloved Gregory Clark was involved in a kite surfing accident on Christmas morning on the Gold Coast and ended up in the Gold Coast Hospital ICU with a broken hip, nose and significant head injuries.

Greg was placed into an induced coma in order to allow his body to recover and the swelling to reduce.  With his parents and sister at his bedside he remained in an induced coma for the next 9 days.

It is still very early days, but we can report (thanks to regular updates from Greg’s family) that he is progressing well in his recovery, now coming out of the coma, he is breathing for himself and reacting to people around him.

Although Greg only joined Eden Ritchie Recruitment recently, he has fast become a key part of our team and has made some great friendships and connections with our team, candidates and employers alike.

His sense of humour, generosity and friendship are only some of his great attributes that we will miss in the office.  We expect/hope that he will be back on the job some time in the future……


At Eden Ritchie Recruitment we are shattered by this accident and ask you all to direct your energy, love, thoughts, prayers (whatever works for you!) towards Greg’s speedy and full recovery and to support his parents, John and Jenny and Greg’s sister Jessica during this terrible time.

Justine Eden and Kim Ritchie
Eden Ritchie Recruitment

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About Eden Ritchie Recruitment

We are a Brisbane business developed with the needs of the Queensland market in mind. Being locally owned and operated ensures that we are committed to playing our part in growing the Queensland economy. Eden Ritchie Recruitment was established in March 1996 by Kim Ritchie and Justine Eden, whose combined recruitment industry experience exceeds 40 years. Since its inception Eden Ritchie Recruitment has gone from strength to strength. Why? For the same reason all good businesses succeed; ability, commitment, dedication, self-belief and tenacity. However more important than all of these necessary attributes, there exists the innate understanding that to succeed in this competitive market, we must constantly adapt and recast ourselves to ensure our continuous alignment with the needs of both employers and candidates. We believe that ‘focused’ is the word that best describes our approach to all aspects of the recruitment profession. Our mission statement: To provide a professional, individually tailored recruitment service to both employers and candidates through the development of long term relationships and an understanding of market demands.