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Having never written a blog nor really ever read one, as I have in the past surmised that they were often written by people with too much time on their hands and over-opinionated view points. I thought a good starting point would to do some research as to what information is out there and what is then “blogged”. It would seem that there are in fact some people out there with far to much time on their hands but they have equipped themselves with a good understanding and some good insights. I hope that I can deliver something informative and provide you with some insight into how the health sector is travelling at the moment and what successes we at Eden Ritchie Recruitment have been achieving of late.

As you maybe aware the national health system is being reformed, as of the 1stof July 2012. The current system will be pulled apart and put back together to cope with the ever-changing population needs. What does this mean for Queensland’s public health system? It means 17 Local Health and Hospital Networks (LHHN) will be established, where statutory bodies will be established with governing councils to deliver and manage the healthcare in their regions. Responsible and accountable to the local community, they will provide critical public services.

The health care sector has shown a steady rate of increased advertising, with Brisbane and the surrounding areas advertising approximately 800 health care jobs for November, ranging from AIN’s to Executive Directors. While residential care facilities are a large portion of these advertisements, there is still a fair amount of senior and Executive positions listed, for both public sector and private sector. Speaking with a number of residential care facilities to find out what is keeping their staffing vacancies so high, they suggested they are requiring a lot more “skilled hands on deck”, which is understandable as there is movement towards “community care” and “Home Care”. I would envisage that this ever-growing sector will continue to have high advertising rates with a focus on the need for good clinical staff,  but they will also need to provide good solid management practice and strategic approach to support their expanding work force.

Eden Ritchie has recently successfully placed several key positions within health and continues this month to finalise several key positions. Noted as one of the “key appointments within Queensland Health this year”, we have successfully placed the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, which will be announced in the next few days. Also placing the Executive Director – Toowoomba Health Service during November, we continue to grow in the sector. While concentrating on some key appointments, there is also some continual growth in the clinical arena and senior clinical roles. While locum positions are becoming rare there is always going to be the need fill departments with good clinical staff and we still continue to source these roles with good clinical candidates.  By Jason Thomas

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We are a Brisbane business developed with the needs of the Queensland market in mind. Being locally owned and operated ensures that we are committed to playing our part in growing the Queensland economy. Eden Ritchie Recruitment was established in March 1996 by Kim Ritchie and Justine Eden, whose combined recruitment industry experience exceeds 40 years. Since its inception Eden Ritchie Recruitment has gone from strength to strength. Why? For the same reason all good businesses succeed; ability, commitment, dedication, self-belief and tenacity. However more important than all of these necessary attributes, there exists the innate understanding that to succeed in this competitive market, we must constantly adapt and recast ourselves to ensure our continuous alignment with the needs of both employers and candidates. We believe that ‘focused’ is the word that best describes our approach to all aspects of the recruitment profession. Our mission statement: To provide a professional, individually tailored recruitment service to both employers and candidates through the development of long term relationships and an understanding of market demands.