How to Build Your Professional Brand

How to Build Your Professional Brand

By Kate Broadley

This is all very new to me, but is probably old hat to many of you in the commercial world!!

Kate Broadley

Kate Broadley

So I am going to start with the basics!!! LinkedIn is your friend, so create a LinkedIn profile and start connecting. I know there is not always time, but make time to ask and answer LinkedIn questions to increase your visibility. Please, please put a photo on your LinkedIn Profile, how can you brand yourself, if others can’t see you?…and yes it should be a professional corporate image, not one of your favourite holiday happy snaps!

Those of you who are sensitive about what others can see about you on LinkedIn need to take a breath and relax. You should check your settings and make sure your personal information is only visible to those you chose to make it visible to. Even I have learnt that you do really want people to read your profile, so the more visible it is the better!!

Why you ask?!! Well I did ask…and now I do understand. Your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to showcase your talents for potential employers, clients or the like. So many companies have used LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment. Recruitment specialists like Eden Ritchie often use LinkedIn to identify passive candidates. You might just be the passive candidate these companies are looking for, if only you had a personal brand.

To have a personal brand people need to know about you and what you do. Comment on other people’s blogs, write some articles, go to events, and network with your contacts. Be sure that all your endeavours are focused and relevant to both your skills and your career goals. Writing a well-written blog focused on your area of expertise is another good addition to your professional branding package.

Personal branding is about knowing people in your industry, so while I would love to toil away hidden in the office, I have learnt that you do need to make the time to meet with people, either online or in-person. Send them an email or a message, I can’t believe how many great people I have met, many of them because I sent them a quick email introducing myself or vice versa.

Building your brand isn’t a one shot wonder. It takes time to build a solid presence and should be an ongoing activity, built into your daily program. Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, stay in touch with your contacts, build and maintain your network, and work on your branding on a regular basis. What’s that saying…nothing in life worth having is easy…. Or is it you get out what you put in!?!

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It’s all about the WHY

By Justine EdenJustine

A couple of days ago, while I was developing some questions for a senior executive interview process, Aaron our Chief Awesomeness Officer made a good point. He claimed to know the best ever interview question, which got me intrigued.

“Just ask them WHY”

And he’s right, that simple word can evoke so much out of an interview. But so often we over complicate what should be a straightforward process; by trying to develop clever questions that we think will really test applicants metal.

So many times I have sat in an interview bewildered that so few people answer this question really well.

“Why are you interested in this job?” “Why did you apply for this role?”

Nine times out of ten this question elicits a raft of reasons why they aren’t happy in their current role or organisation – rather than outlining why this job or organisation (ideally you would discuss both aspects) is of interest.

This is because many people get caught up in the “what’s in this for me” aspect of job seeking, which is fine – but keep that to yourself. It’s important to demonstrate that you are keen to develop and progress in your career and therefore your rationale for applying, but you also need to show a keen interest in the organisation and/or sector – along with what you will contribute.

An effective interview is a mutual process. Gone are the days where candidates should passively sit back and wait to respond to questions. To effectively build rapport, an informed two-way discussion needs to take place where both sides display genuine interest.

This takes good preparation and critical thinking and this is where those individuals with higher levels of emotional intelligence come to the fore. A great interview process allows both parties to ensure the technical, behavioural and cultural aspects fit – it’s a shame so many don’t get this right…….

Post and Pray vs. Passive Candidates

So what does “Post and Pray” mean? This is where you place a job advertisement and hope that great candidates with the right qualifications apply. As recruiting experts, we tend to disagree. I would much prefer to have control, which is why I am so interested in passive candidates in the market place.

Kate Broadley

Kate Broadley

So what is a passive candidate? A passive candidate isn’t necessarily looking for work, but they may be interested if the right job comes along. Employers often actively seek passive candidates, especially when they looking for people with very specific skills and experience.

When employers proactively recruit candidates, it’s called candidate sourcing and companies may look for candidates via LinkedIn and social networking sites, as well as working with recruiters to find qualified applicants.

Naturally many employers still choose to use the “post and pray” approach. More fool you in my opinion, but even I would have to concede that if used correctly this can play a role in helping you find the right person for that job. To ensure you get a better match of applicants to your post, make sure you use strategic keywords, keep the job description relevant and brief, and set the right expectations from the start. This can mean the difference between sorting through hundreds of unsuitable resumes to receiving a steady flow of qualified talent.

Recently I shortlisted for an administration role which had been advertised as “post and pray” through an external source, and there were over 250 applications…from which I struggled to find 10 suitable candidates to interview. Surely there is something wrong here, so forget the “post and pray” and start marketing your jobs in a way that influences the calibre of candidates you get.

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ER Health – First Roundtable Event for 2015

Evolving technology and its impacts on the delivery of safe and quality patient care.

By Jade Mortlock1D6A0698

Last night, Tuesday 10th February, saw Eden Ritchie Health’s first roundtable event of 2015. Following the same theme of previous successful events our guests and panel focussed on the ‘delivery of safe and quality patient care’ and what the rapid convergence of emerging technology and healthcare means in our current climate.

Over 40 senior healthcare professionals attended the event with guest speakers Mal Thatcher, Chief Health Information Officer, Department of Health, Queensland; Patrick Lilwall, Chief Information Officer Blue Care; Dr. John O’Donnell CEO Mater Health Services and Deb Boyd, General Manager St. Stephen’s Hospital Hervey Bay, in what was described on the night as “one of the best format events I have been to in a long time”!

Our Director, Justine Eden, led the event through an opening session that saw each guest panel member discuss what evolving technology and healthcare means to them, their business and the future of health. That initial conversation covered wearable technology, privacy, connectivity, multiple platforms and cross communication and, standardising policy.

After being put on the spot with a “bluesky” question on health and technology, the panel members delivered some thought-provoking ideas that really opened up the discussions across the tables such as “the rise of the machines”, how consumers are embracing technology, Australia wide standards, off the shelf technology and big data.

The guests speakers led each table in a rousing discussion that took into account the theme of the night; Evolving technology and its impacts on the delivery of safe and quality patient care; the points raised by the panel and their own experiences. At the end of the session, each group delivered key points covering what they see as the greatest opportunities, risks or concerns, questions for future research and taboos or topics they are not ready to go to!

Big ideas were born and tabled discussions continued well past the official close. Our Health team were happy to hear that the event was industry relevant and a networking success.

Below is a selection of images from the night and if you are interested in attending roundtable events such as this contact our team at or call (07) 3230 0033.



“50 Shades of Grey” in HR


By Kate Broadley

What did we do before the days of GPS or the soothing voice of Siri? Well many of us have spent some quality time driving around lost, as the map usually was no help, as it didn’t include the most recent streets and intersections. As daunting as this was, as a HR practitioner, this ambiguity is all part of a day in the office, as we navigate employment rules, regulations and issues, as well as the endless paperwork requirements.

But perhaps more daunting than that, is when we must deal with situations where there is no rulebook. For many, it’s those grey areas that are the most challenging. If you love logic and following rules, then this is not the job for you. Human interactions are, by their very nature, unpredictable and don’t follow any pattern. We as human resource practitioners must “reflect” to find the right solution to each specific situation, develop options and work towards an outcome. Hence, the principle that there are no right answers or standard processes that will generally hold true for all situations. So get comfortable with the “50 Shades of Grey”, if you want to be a truly good HR practitioner. Every single HR issue is unique and should be treated that way. But beware you need to be the sort of person who can jump in and treat each situation as unique without needing to apply the standard solution. Interested on hearing others thoughts on the “50 Shades of Grey” in the HR world.

Career Crossroads

By Kate Broadley1D6A0555

Are you considering a career change in 2015? Nearly half of my clients have indicated that they are considering changing jobs next year. Not me though, I am one of the few happy employees, with lots of autonomy and flexibility in the workplace, fantastic and capable people to work with, great bosses and plenty of meaningful work. Oh please I can hear you saying, but that is not to say there aren’t times when I wonder about the relevance of what I do, or in fact times when I should have made a career change!! But all in all, 2015 will not be a career changing year for me, but what about you?

The major reasons for people to consider a fresh start in 2015 include: their desire for a new challenge, a lack of meaningful work and not being able to utilise their skills and experience. Toxic workplaces are another major factor forcing people to rethink their options, along with being micro-managed. I can hear you all cringing; we have all worked in workplaces with these issues. Some of us persevere and hope it will get better, while others (whom I admire), take the ball into their own hands and do something about it.

So how can you as an employer encourage people to stay or to attract them to your organisation in 2015? Well it’s not rocket science. Having said this, why does something so simple often prove to be so hard!! Here are a few pointers for what it is worth: As an employer you must provide meaningful and challenging work, allow your employees the autonomy to do what you are paying them to do, utilise their skills and capitalise on their strengths and experience. Employees who are a good fit organisationally can be hard to find. Lastly, ensure you have a positive workplace culture in which people are treated with respect and consideration at all times. Make this your goal for 2015!!

Ever heard of being an Employer of Choice? Hiring and retaining the best talent is as tough as it’s ever been. So in my opinion its important to be an Employer of Choice. Being an Employer of Choice can help attract potential employees to come and work for you. Once people choose to work in an organisation, there is generally a significant reluctance to change.

So as either an employer or an employee, have a think about what 2015 holds for you.

The Queensland Election is Looming …

1D6A0555 Written by Kate Broadley

… And with this brings the impact of the caretaker conventions.

The Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman is yet to announce the date for the State election, but what we do know is that it will be sometime soon. By convention, the government will then enter caretaker mode until the result of the election is known and, if there is a change of government, until the new government is appointed. Of course the normal business of government will continue during the caretaker period, however major approvals and decision are normally deferred.

Eden Ritchie Executive Scribing and Report Writing Services offer independence from an external third party, transparency, reliability of the interview process and fast turnaround of recruitment and selection documentation to the highest standards. Given the election will be called soon… now is the time to act and finalise those outstanding selection processes!!!

Our services include:

  • Screening applicants
  • Shortlisting of applications
  • Scribing for interviews, shortlisting meetings and panel deliberations
  • Providing immediate professional advice where difficult issues arise
  • Development of selection tools including effective interview questions, benchmarks or work tests
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal history and medical checks

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